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S&A seeks maximum performance, dynamism and efficiency in the attention and solution of their requests, as well as the integration of their activities to a strategic plan, which is obtained with an adequate structure that permits to unfold all the material, technological and human resources, by means of a synergy that carries itself to the tangible results that the client looks for when contacting us. That is for S&A has different specialized departments offering solutions widely with appropriate mechanism for demanding characteristics that the clients require.

Departament of business advising

With the purpose of offering complete service, able to give whole solutions adjusted to each own client characteristics, this department has been created with highly qualified personnel and with experience in the area of more than ten years in the processing and advice for the medium and great enterprises in the following Law areas:

  • Corporate
  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Labor and Employment
  • Administrative
  • Banking
  • Insurances
  • Tax Law
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • International contracts
  • Migration
Administration of Construction Contracts:

S & A has become the first law firm in Bolivia that specializes in the administration of these civil works contracts, also having as its star product the so called Claims & Change Orders which provides our customers with specialized advice in the preparation of complaints and change orders generated during the execution of a given construction.

Departament of Procedural Law

The lawsuit section of our firm has an extensive path and professional capacity in the management of judicial and out of court claims, as well as sponsorship of civil trials, penal and labor, with special dedication to sponsorship of coercive and executive processes of different financial institutions. In the present, we are responsible for the recovery of part of the accounts receivable of several institutions and commercial businesses in the following areas:

  • Civil Proceedings
  • Criminal trials Proceedings
  • Labor and Employment Proceedings

Department of Methods Alternatives of Solution of Controversies

This department has as main characteristic to assess the clients in the search of solutions through the mediation and negotiation to prevent possible conflicts, as well as to assess the clients in arbitration processes.

As a result of change orders and considerable claims during the execution of important projects of pipeline´s construction and assembly; Sanjines & Asociados – ABOGADOS was in charge of the legal advice of negotiation team that reached satisfactory agreements, avoiding an imminent conflict through this way.

The senior partner of the study takes part in the payroll of the Center of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism Chamber from Santa Cruz (CAINCO) and the Hydrocarbons and Energy Chamber from Santa Cruz (CBHE).

We offer services in the following alternative methods of controversies solution.

  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Commercial Arbitration

Department of Petroleum and Gas

Facing the accelerated growth of this field of work, Sanjinés & Asociados- ABOGADOS is specialized in providing advice on oil and gas in order to respond efficiently to the challenges demanded by the industry in the following areas.

  • Joint Ventures Contracts
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Foreign Investment

S&A has been immersed in the construction and assembly projects of the main gas pipelines in the country (GASYRG, SAN ALBERTO, MARGARITA, SANTA CRUZ – PUERTO SUAREZ y SAN MIGUEL – CUIABA), acting as lawyers of the construction companies CONDUTO BOLIVIA S.R.L., CONTRERAS HERMANOS S.A., ASTRA EVANGELISTA S.A., GERAL DAMULAKIS S.A. y BRM & CPB R.C.